One day I will quit my job


Lately, I’ve been feeling disenchanted with my job and can’t see myself hacking it for another 30+ years.

It’s the time and head space that my job occupies. At least 55 hours per week. That’s a huge chunk of time.

While I feel quite productive at my job and am so grateful to be employed, I also feel like what I’m doing is not contributing to anything important except the company’s bottom line.

This is not a sustainable way for me to live.

Luckily, I see this job as a means to an end. I want to save as much as possible, set up passive income streams, and live a simple lifestyle.

Once my passive income exceeds my living expenses, I will quit.

We’re not quite there yet though, but are actively working towards it.


One thought on “One day I will quit my job

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