The right city for achieving financial independence


We live in a cheap city which happens to be next to one of the most expensive cities in Germany.

You would think this would make our city highly desirable, but for a combination of factors, our city still remains largely unnoticed.

It’s not the most dynamic city there is, but it has it’s own charm with excellent infrastructure that easily connects us to other cities by train and Autobahn. We’re close to an international airport too.

What brought us to this city were the low rents and our awkward commutes. If we didn’t have a commuting-challenge, we would have never ended up here.

Most of my friends and colleagues feel sorry for me living here, and encourage me to move to the more expensive city to be closer to them and good restaurants. While I have considered this, I also know that staying in this unflashy, uncool city of ours will give us a big boost in savings.

It feels nice to be able to save 65-85% of our pay cheques every month while living this rich life that we live. 🙂

So it is in our interest to stay living in our fair city. So much so that we’ve decided to buy an affordable flat here that will reduce our living (shelter) costs by about 45%. We are currently in talks with the owner right now, so I’ll update later on how that goes and outline our experience with buying property in Germany. :mrgreen:

We think this area is undervalued and that there is some potential for growth (albeit slow). But even if it doesn’t go up much in value, we’re still essentially halving our costs by living here and owning. It’s a cost we’re willing to bear.

Fingers crossed. Let’s see how it goes!


5 thoughts on “The right city for achieving financial independence

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