A frugal Sunday: what we ate

Mr. German's mountain bike.

Mr. German’s mountain bike.

We went out for a 1.5 hour bike ride in the forest this morning.

Breakfast: Before we left, we each had a bowl of oats, sprinkled with cinnamon, a bit of sugar, and a sliced banana in each bowl. It was so good, and cost us 20 cents per serving.

Snack: As we were getting ready, I decided to make a quick homemade hummus to take as a snack. I poured a can of chickpeas into our food processor, pressed in some garlic, added a dash of S&P plus cayenne, and squeezed in some lime juice – then let the machine do all the work. Meanwhile, Mr. German peeled carrots and cut them into sticks. It took us no more than 10 minutes, and cost us 50 cents per serving.


Us enjoying our snack.

On our ride, Mr. German brought me to a swamp that was covered with tadpole eggs! We spent some time here just observing the beauty of it all.


Tadpole eggs!

I also wondered about the Mom-frogs. Since I’m also trying to get pregnant with ONE baby, I can’t imagine my body duplicating my DNA into several million eggs, then having to lay them all. How exhausting would that be. Phew!!

Lunch: When we got home, we were craving warmth. So we whipped up a simple miso soup with goji berries, onions, and tofu skins. We just used what we had, and it was quick and delicious. It took us probably 5 minutes of active prep work, and the rest was boiling everything together for 15 minutes. The whole pot (6 servings) cost us 70 cents.

After devouring the miso soup, we were still hungry! But also lazy to make anything too involved. We ate another serving each of oats + banana (40 cents) before deciding to make beans and rice for lunch. Normally we put more effort into our bean and rice dishes, but this time we just got out the dried yellow split peas, washed them, and boiled them with 2 teaspoons of organic vegetable stock powder, accompanied with basmati rice. This was 3 minutes of active prep time with a cost of 1 EUR for the whole dish. It’s also very tasty!

Going out: After lunch, we decided to go grocery shopping. Normally all the shops are closed on Sundays, but we live near an airport that has a supermarket opened on Sundays. But instead of driving there in 20 minutes on the Autobahn and then pay for airport parking, we rode the train for 6 minutes for FREE.

My monthly train pass let’s me bring a passenger with me for free on the weekends. How great is that?! Germany knows how to do frugal public transportation.

We rarely ever drive on weekends, but we do more local travel to nearby cities just because we can. It has really allowed us to explore this fascinating region at no extra cost.

For dinner, we ate our leftover hummus from this morning, cut some tomatos, and ate it over a fresh onion baguette that we had bought from the airport grocer, plus apples for dessert.  This cost us 2 EUR.

Total we spent on feeding ourselves today: 5.50 EUR or 2.75 EUR/person.

That concludes our frugal weekend. Have a nice week!


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