No thanks to careerism


Climbing the career ladder is within my reach. Because I have a ‘good attitude’, I attract a lot of people at work who want to help and groom me to be career-successful like they are. It’s incredible how many helpful people there are in the world. This is very nice, and I like making friends, but I don’t really want to move up in my career.

Even if I could earn more from career progression, I don’t think it helps my FIRE goals. Taking on more responsibilities at work would only mean stress for me, and that’s not my goal. I would rather have 7 relatively easy working years, rather than 5 stressful years.

Working is largely meaningless to me. I pretend to care about it (at work), but really I don’t care much about it. Asides from working being a means to an end.

I want to live my life!

It pains me to sit in my office attached to my computer, while the world is out-there waiting for me.

The corporate environment is not really for me. Imagine a hippie working in an office – that’s me! Except I look like a yuppie (think fitted pant suits), which is a look I’m comfortable with. But still, I would prefer to be at the beach surfing, hiking mountains, and volunteering at organic farms and animal sanctuaries. Also hanging out with my Mom!


3 thoughts on “No thanks to careerism

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