Caravanning in early retirement


When we retire, I envision us fixing up a camper van like the one above, and taking our sweet time caravanning around Europe.

The interior looks quite cozy.


We could also consider shipping it over to Canada, and taking a cross-country road trip.


It’s been my dream for a while to drive across Canada. I’ve just never had the time to do it, and think early retirement would be the best time for it.

Life has so many possibilities when we’re financially independent and not chained to our jobs!


5 thoughts on “Caravanning in early retirement

  1. We share this dream with you in a big way! We’ve decided our dream vehicle is a Sprinter, since they are more reliable than those old VW campers (though for sure they aren’t nearly as charming!) and the headroom can’t be beat. But who knows… maybe when the time comes to buy a van, we’ll end up going with charm over reliability! 🙂


      • Agree with onl on the Sprinter as well! Here is a cool sprinter conversion: you might be interested in. We would love to drive down to Panama in one of these one day 🙂 We did a x-country road trip a couple years ago across the US when moved cross-country and definitely recommend it! I would love to drive through Canada myself.


      • Wowowow! What a cool site. Thanks a lot for sharing! There’s something about being on the road that is so satisfying. Cool that you’ve driven cross country before! I’ve also driven cross country, except it was across Germany which was an 8 hour drive. 😛


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