Planning for the future as newlyweds


Mr. German and I have been stressed about our future goals. This is one of the difficulties of being newlyweds, I think, because before we were married, we weren’t thinking of merging our finances and/or making long term [financial] goals together.

We have been married for 1.5 years now. Admittedly, it has been a very stressful 1.5 years trying to figure out what to do.

I would say that Mr. German and I have very similar financial goals, but our execution differs by a lot.

Obviously, I’m into a lifestyle that prioritizes and accelerates achieving financial freedom. I have a road map on how to get there, and I plan on getting there in 7 years or less.

Mr. German’s method is to work hard, be frugal, and save. But without much thought because finances are boring.

This would all be very simple, IF we lived in Canada. I know how things work in Canada, plus I can read & write & speak English! But living here in Germany requires me to go through Mr. German on everything administrative. Setting up accounts, tax considerations, phone calls, implementing a strategy… all the things he hates to do and/or think about.

It is really frustrating to both of us.

We have to work together even more intensively than if we lived in Canada, because while we’re living in Germany, we can’t capitalize off my strengths of planning and setting up our structures.

Mr. German really has to pull his weight here, under my direction. But you can probably guess how this dynamic can get tense.

He has been doing a great job though (thanks dear!), but still, it ain’t easy. I keep having to remind myself that these are *good* problems to have, because they are. We have money and need to do something about it! That’s a mighty privilege to behold.

Of course, a solution could be to move to Canada, but Mr. German is not keen on it. For now, I think living in Germany is fine. We just have to get over this hump of setting everything up. Once it’s set and we fall into a groove, things will get better.


4 thoughts on “Planning for the future as newlyweds

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