Travelling vs. driving a BMW


Travel is my thing, and if I amortize the cost of our travel over the year, I easily spend what Mr. German spends on his BMW! (about 300 EUR per month)

So I can’t really pick on Mr. German’s auto choice, since he thinks I pick on him for that. 😕

To tout the BMW’s horn, it benefits both of us regularly throughout the year, and also contributes to Mr. German’s ability to earn an income (since he uses his car to commute to an office that is difficult to reach with public transit). While I don’t drive the car much, it’s also helpful for me to have easy access to a car when needed.

OTOH, my habit of travelling is concentrated to a few days or weeks throughout the year, does not contribute at all to income generation, and is also not very relaxing due to my travelling style. Travelling also tends to benefit me more than Mr. German, since Mr. German is not thrilled about any distant travel.

I’m trying to cut down on my travelling though. Like last year I did not travel at all internationally (for leisure), and this year I’m also planning to stay the course. This also means though, that I likely won’t see my parents and my 90 year old Grandma for 2 consecutive years in total. I spend most of my travel budget on visiting family.

Did I mention I’m close to my family? 😦

But! There are other reasons why I’m resisting going back to Canada. That’s because I can get quite homesick, and visiting my home town only quells the sickness temporarily yet makes it more difficult for me when I return to Germany. The emotional rollercoaster is too much for me to handle, so I’m choosing to focus on building my life here in Germany with no interruptions.

It’s better for my long term comfort, especially since I’ve decided to stay here in Germany until we retire (in 7 years).

There’s also so much going on with us right now. We’re trying to buy property, set up our FIRE strategy, and also get pregnant.

The pregnancy thing alone is enough to make me not want to travel. I can’t imagine how un-fun it would be to travel while pregnant.

So while I love travelling, it’s better that I don’t plan any long, faraway trips in 2015 at least. I’ve also travelled enough to scratch the itch, so I can take delaying travel for now.


5 thoughts on “Travelling vs. driving a BMW

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  2. We’re in the same boat as you. After moving to the west coast, traveling home to visit family and friends (in Ontario) has become more costly and time consuming. We also have decided to choose wisely when we travel home, so I can understand how you feel about this. What are your plans when you FIRE? You have mentioned that you guys plan on living in Germany until you FIRE, what about post-FIRE? We are a few years from reaching financial independence (hopefully) and are thinking about where to live after that. It appears that all the places we (or I) want to live in are quite costly! Btw, good luck getting pregnant – I know how you feel – but my advice is to not put things off or plan around the pregnancy. I was able to do everything I did pre-pregnancy while I was pregnant until I was almost 8 months pregnant (i.e. biking, traveling, road-trips, etc.).


    • Thanks DJ for your trying-to-get-pregnant advice. I’m also trying to take it easy and not get too caught up in it for now. I hope you post entries about what it’s like to have a baby and continue on the FIRE path. Like do you use cloth diapers? Are you planning to make your own baby food? The world wants to know, or at least I do. 😉

      As for post-FIRE, I know I want to GO places. I want to do slow travelling around the world. RVing around Canada and Europe. The most important though, is being able to spend time with the people I love and who live far from me. That’s the hard thing about living abroad. *sigh*


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