Personality types and retiring early


It takes a certain personality to not follow the pack – who are able to eschew consumerism while everyone around them equates spending money with comfort, entertainment, and status.

These Myers-Briggs personality types are INTJ’s, INTP’s, and ISTJ’s. Apparently they make up most of the early retirement community and are also the most likely to succeed at reaching financial independence at an early age.

I am none of these types. But interestingly enough, Mr. German is.

He’s an ISTJ!

Yet in the distant and recent past, he has resisted me so much when I introduce FIRE-friendly options. Such as shopping at discount supermarkets, buying used stuff, or investing.

The thing is, even though he resists my ideas at first, he eventually ends up getting even more into it than I ever was.

I tease him about it and tell him that soon he’ll be more into FIRE-ing than I will. It’s gonna happen any moment now, I can feel it. 😉

Surprisingly enough, my personality type is the least interested in money. I’m an INFJ, the idealistic do-gooder. I strive to do what’s right and live as closely as possible to my morals. Earning money is not my top priority.

But I think this makes me very suited to achieving early FI. Because my life goal requires time and freedom. I can’t save the world when I’m stuck at work going from one pointless meeting to the next. My personality type is the most likely to take on low paid jobs that help people/animals/society. That’s not the kind of job I have, but I will admit that I strive for this type of job. I just want to be financially independent first so that I don’t stress over living costs.

Also, since money is not important to me, I can invest and not flinch when the markets crash!

What is your personality type? Do you think it’s conducive to early retirement?


9 thoughts on “Personality types and retiring early

  1. So interesting! We are ENTJ (though barely E — nearly INTJ), and INTP. Wonder why no extroverted types are suited to early retirement? But I suppose it makes sense for us. 🙂


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  6. I’m late to the party, but this is a fascinating topic that I hadn’t read about before. I was beginning to wonder if there were any extroverts in the personal finance blogosphere and maybe there’s a good reason. Congrats on the jump to freelancing – I look forward to reading more about your transition from regular employment (I’m in IT dreaming of escaping the everyday-cubicle).

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    • Hi Colin! My theory is that extraverts aren’t as drawn to blogging like introverts are. Extraverts are probably doing their early retirement thing, but are talking about it more than writing about it. 😀 Thanks for the congrats! I’m still trying to set myself up with the freelancing, so haven’t actually started yet. But hopefully in a few weeks everything will be ironed out! Are you considering freelancing in the IT field? There must be tons you can do!


      • hahah – I should have realized that extroverts aren’t blogging their thoughts as often…I also liked your post about being the opposite of a careerist – I’m successful at my job and am happy to let other people climb the ladder, I just like to get good work done. You have given some good food for thought – keep up the good work and good writing 🙂

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