I’m 100% invested in stocks – almost


Due to me spending my free time outdoors these days, I haven’t had the chance to buy my VWRLs yet (Vanguard All World fund).

Although my CapTrader account is now set up, I just have to wait a few days for the compliance department to give me clearance to trade in the Netherlands where VWRL trades in euros. For some reason I was limited to Germany-only, but probably because I ticked some box while I was signing up.

I found this out because I gave CapTrader a call yesterday to ask for step-by-step help in executing my first trade. I felt a bit high maintenance in doing so, especially because when you open an account, you’re supposed to do 100 demo trades before they let you trade. I of course, confirmed that I did the demo trades via email (without actually doing them), then proceeded to ask for help on how to trade!

Yes, I have no shame. 😛

The customer service was really helpful and friendly though, so I’m glad I’ve chosen CapTrader. Plus they have really low fees: 0.1% transaction fee, with a minimum of 4 EUR and maximum of 29 EUR.

Since I have to wait a few days for my security clearance, I’ve gone ahead and wired over the rest of my euros to CapTrader. By the time I can buy over the Amsterdam exchange, I will have 30% of my networth waiting to buy VWRL!

This 30% also equals 100% of my money in Germany. Minus the few hundred I keep around handy to pay my half of the bills, which I don’t count in my networth.

The rest of my money (70% of my networth) sits in a high interest savings account in Canada. Once I open my Canadian trading account, I’ll buy VCE and VUN. (it’s in the works)

Then I will really be 100% invested in stocks. Wheee!!


5 thoughts on “I’m 100% invested in stocks – almost

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  3. Good to know that Captrader is working out well for you! As I read your post, I was wondering if you have an emergency fund stashed away? This may be a good idea since you may not want to touch your investment money in times of need.


    • Sort of. My husband and I decided that I would invest 100% of my money in stocks, while he would keep his in cash because he wants to buy property. So we currently have way too much cash. But we’re working on it.

      At this point in our lives, we don’t need a very big emergency fund. We rent, we don’t have kids, we are healthy, and we live very simply. I would feel comfortable having a 2K emergency fund, or using a line of credit as an emergency fund.


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