Why we’re still renting after a 10 month search

Finding a place is not as easy as this.

Finding a place is not as easy as this.

A few weeks ago, Mr. German and I agreed that I would concentrate on stocks, while he would focus on finding us a flat if he wanted to.

So far I’ve pretty much given up on owning a flat in the city. We’ve been searching for 10 months now, and still can’t make up our minds on what we want. This is more me rather than Mr. German – he is very focussed, but I keep morphing and changing the criteria on us.

I am even less sure of what I want now, than I was when we started 10 months ago! Shouldn’t it be the other way around?!

I think it’s because I can’t find anything suitable, so continue searching for alternatives. And also if I dig a bit deeper, I don’t really love living here. Germany in general maybe, but I’m not exactly in love with this area of Germany either. It’s not a bad place, but I hardly click with it and don’t feel very ‘at home’ here.

Germany for me, is an “it’ll do for now” type place. There are many benefits to living here. Of course, the number 1 benefit being that my husband is here and that he is very cute, so I must stay for those reasons alone! But I also have a good career that is not too demanding, and Germany boasts a relatively low cost of living while having all the amenities and infrastructure of a rich, developed country.

One of the BIG driving forces for me in achieving financial independence is so I won’t be location dependent anymore. I don’t mind having Germany as a base, but I want to be able to leave when I want, for as long as I want. I have a life outside of Germany too.

So it’s an ongoing process, but I’m trying to live here.

I thought maybe if I dug in some roots, it would help my feelings of homeliness here. But turns out, my brain keeps rejecting it every time we come close.

So maybe buying a flat here is not the answer.

We have found an alternative though, asides from renting, which I will write about it my next post. I’m trying to keep my posts shorter and less rambly!


4 thoughts on “Why we’re still renting after a 10 month search

  1. cautionary tale: “it’ll do for now” has been my situation since 1997; these things have a way of going on and on… eager to see your alternative (next post.)


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