Alternative to renting or buying in the city

I am so cute and functional!

I am so cute and functional!

Since Mr. German and I have not been successful at finding a flat in our city, we have been exploring the option of buying land and building a tiny house on the land.

This is actually my dream! I love the tiny house movement and am hippie enough to try it. :mrgreen:

I think Germany is a great place to do this since any land we buy would still be fairly connected to the city. Which in my mind means that the land will hold its value.

Welcome to my modern home on wheels.

I’m ultra modern and close to the city.

Sounds great, right?

Except it’s illegal. šŸ˜¦ I know tiny house living is generally semi-illegal in developed countries, but in Germany it’s illegal-illegal. At least that’s how I understand it. There are some people here pushing the envelope on tiny houses, but as I don’t have permanent residency yet, I don’t feel comfortable being one of those people. Plus there’s a lot of red tape and expense connected to it, and for us, tiny house living was meant to cut down our costs not increase them.

Not all is lost though. We accidentally stumbled upon a different but similar movement in Germany that I’ll write about in another entry. It’s getting late here!


6 thoughts on “Alternative to renting or buying in the city

  1. Interesting idea! Building a tiny house on your own land is actually a really good idea, there will be lots of space to enjoy and do your own stuff. But why is it illegal?


    • It’s illegal to live off-grid, so you have to pass a lot of red tape and pay a lot to get connected to water, electricity, and the sewage system. This is true for all houses being built on your own land in Germany. But when it comes to tiny houses, getting the plans approved as a ‘real house’ is not easy as most of these houses are too small (25m2) and on wheels. There’s one guy who got around it in his town by not permanently bolting the house to the trailer structure, which meant that his house was not considered a house, but I’m not sure what else has happened since then. It’s a bit too tricky for us at this stage, so we’re going to casually keep our eye on it but probably won’t act on it just yet. Too bad. It would be so nice to have all that outdoor space, cozy-ing up in a tiny house, and saving lots of money while at it!


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  4. Her there!:) Me and my girlfriend are on the same level…we live in Germany and have the same idea to realize the tiny house living in NRW (Nordrhein Westfalen)…which similar movement you mean you write about in another entry?! Interesting for us to keep on moving…kind regards.


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