Marathon training

Me running in my favourite park

Me running in my favourite park

I’m training for a marathon! Not just an early retirement marathon, but a physical, lactic acid build up kind of marathon.

While financial goals are not hard for me to make/keep, my fitness goals often go to the wayside.

Actually I don’t make any fitness goals asides from “I need to move more“, because I’m too intimidated to be more specific. :/

That’s why I decided to sign up for a local marathon when my company offered to sponsor their employees. It’s good PR to show their presence, and I’ll get a free t-shirt out of it too.

Yes, I’m a corporate @#%$*!

But I’ve always wanted to push myself to run a marathon, and now I have no excuses.

Just like I’m pushing myself to strive for early retirement. They feel similar to me because they both require discipline, focus, grit, endurance, and introspective honesty. It’s also not impossible for the average person (me!) to achieve. It just requires the right kind of prioritization.

I’m not the best runner out there, but I’m slowly starting to train. I ran 3.1km (2 miles) today in 25 minutes, which (don’t laugh) was a big deal for me.

Luckily this run is only 6km. It’s also next month so I have time to work up to facing this goal.

I’m a little nervous, but also feel excited and blessed to be able to try. Life is grand. šŸ™‚


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