Concrete fitness goals

Me running in my favourite park

Me running in my favourite park

Training for my mini 6K marathon next month is going well.

I’ve been consistently running 3x per week, and have worked up from not ever running, to running 3K quite comfortably.

Today, I ran 3.3K, walked 2K, and ran another 2K. So ran 5.3K in total. I’m pretty pooped now, but am also feeling great!

My goal is to run the entire 6K marathon without stopping. It’s an ambitious goal for me, but also a realistic one. I don’t have any time-goals, I just want to challenge myself to consistently keep at it, which is my problem with fitness goals.

Make it measurable!

To be able to hit this 6K mark, I want to continue training 3x per week, and also at least 5 push ups per day to strengthen my core. Strengthening my core helps me carry myself better, which means better breathing.

There, now that I wrote it down here, I actually have to do it!!

Making fitness goals is daunting to me, but I feel it is also directly related to my FIRE goals. It’s all doable, it just requires prioritization and consistency.

That’s how I want to live my life. To identify what’s truly important to me, and to keep trying my best to be where I want to be.


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