How to negotiate a salary raise and other perks

Canadian dollars!

Canadian dollars!

Even though I’ve admitted to not being a careerist, and not wanting to climb the career ladder, it doesn’t mean I don’t ask for raises and other perks!

I don’t want more responsibilities or stress, I just want more money please! :mrgreen:

Because why not? I work hard, and the worst answer I could get is a “no”.

I’ve had many many jobs in my life, working in different industries, and in almost every job I’ve had, I’ve asked for a raise.

I haven’t always gotten the raise, but I certainly didn’t lose anything in trying. It wasn’t always comfortable asking either, but it comes with practice. Practice also means the next time will be easier! At the very least, I always felt elated and empowered by the simple act of asking.

When a simple 2-minute conversation can equate to thousands of extra dollars/euros, it’s worth it to do!

These are my pointers for asking for a raise:

  • Don’t actually ask – state that you would like a raise
  • Be casual about it
  • Bring it up in conversation – you don’t need to start with it or make it the only topic of the conversation
  • Don’t justify why you deserve a raise, just believe you do and it will come across
  • Have a number/range in mind to make things concrete
  • Choose a good time, because it will make you feel more confident

The timing helps, but shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not-ask if you really want a raise. For me, it was when I made the company $1 Million in a few weeks. I ‘asked’ for a raise 2 days after the numbers were released.

Money is not everything

While more money is good, there are other perks that may require negotiating. In my mind, perks are something you should approach differently from raises.

For example, I work from home on Fridays, but would also like to work from home on Mondays.

I won’t just go to my boss and state that I want this. I will ask. As in: “Can I work from home on Mondays?” instead of “I want to work from home on Mondays“. Justifying why is also fine, as long as it benefits the company. “I’m more productive when I work from home since I don’t get roped into superfluous meetings on those days.

Apparently, it’s very bold to ask for 2 home office days at my company. But I don’t care. It’s a question, so I’m going to ask!

I asked to work from home on Mondays and Fridays earlier this year, but was only given Friday. The reason being that since I was new in my role (my current team stole me from another team in January), it was helpful for the team to interact with me in person.

Fair enough, but now that I’m well into 5 months at my new job, it’s time to re-visit this Monday-issue. Let’s see what happens.

I could very well not get my raise or my 2 home office days per week. But that’s okay – no harm done. Both are important to me, so I feel I owe it to myself to speak up about it. If I don’t get my requests met, I may take other measures. Like applying to other jobs to use as leverage. It’s more effort, but I’m great at interviews so not unpleasant for me to do. I’ve done this before and it always works! πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “How to negotiate a salary raise and other perks

  1. I like the idea of working from home – I spent three days last week working remotely and it was amazing how much more I got done and also how much less stressful it all was! It’s a shame there is such a stigma attached to working from home or part time in our industry/firm but I think it’s something that we need to embrace in the future.

    We also have really long drawn-out meetings every Monday, so I would be glad to be out of the office to start the week, if only to avoid all of the time that we waste on that day!


    • Isn’t it so much more productive? Sometimes, all the work I do is ONLY on the Friday when I work from home. If I had another work from home day, I could get more done and be less stressed.

      I like going into my office though. I have nice coworkers and welcome the socializing aspect since I have a very small network here otherwise. But since I live far from the office, it helps when I can stay in a bit more.

      Hope you get your work at home days!


  2. Good for you, Ms. Canadian Expat! I was always bad at this, but like you said, it gets easier with practice. I find now with everything done via email, it’s gotten easier for me. I also recommend that you negotiate for the highest possible salary you think you are worth when you receive the job offer. Good luck on trying to get Mondays to work from home. It’s funny that you are more productive when you work from home, my husband is the same way. However, for me, I like the work/home separation and I only realized that in the last couple years when I started to work from home more often. But it is nice to have the option and balance!


    • You’re right. The best time to negotiate is before accepting the job. At that moment you have more pull and if you’re really their top candidate and have the relevant experience, you’re in an extremely good position to earn more. That’s also why I like interviewing for new jobs.

      The big reason why I’m more productive when I work from home is because I get more sleep when I work from home. I have a 1 hour commute (each way), which tires me out. Otherwise I don’t mind going in since there’s a nice atmosphere where I work.

      I hope you’ve been successful in negotiating raises through email. Especially if you’re freelancing, that’s pretty normal. πŸ™‚


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