Saying goodbye to academia – and my piano


Though I’ve been working in ‘the industry’ in Germany for the past 3 years, I’m only a year and a half out of grad school.

And despite me being pretty awful at school, I graduated at the top of my class.

This alone has kept me with one baby toe in academia.

I still [get asked to] submit papers to journals and conferences. Which I dread.

Now my most recent paper submission needs revising. While it was a lot of work to even submit, I don’t want to continue. I’m making the difficult decision to cut my time losses now by not re-submitting, and forgoing any academic-y opportunities I may come across in the future.

In general, I like the academic atmosphere but I also know it’s not for me. I’m not going to make any waves, or breakthroughs, or even any minor contributions to academia – so why bother.

Since I want to simplify and focus on what’s important, I have to prioritize.

Recently I even sold my beloved piano. It sat collecting dust, making me feel guilty. I could have made myself play more, but I realized that at this point of my life, I want my hobbies to be physical activity, not more sitting around (blogging is okay because it helps me stay on track!).

The proceeds of my piano will go to my next batch of VWRLs!

And my time spent working on academic projects will in the future, be used for physical activity.

I’m converting what held me back from my goals, to vehicles that will now support my goals. This makes me feel more focussed and healthy.


4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to academia – and my piano

  1. Agree with Tony — there are lots of pianos in the world if you change your mind. And re academia, it’s great your choosing your own path. So many people fall into something because they happen to be good at it, not because they love it, but you’re taking the more deliberate approach.

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