Using the good weather to speak German


The weather here in central Europe is hotttt. It’s 30+ degrees Celsius (no air conditioning), and I feel like I’m in a tropical country!

I love it. :mrgreen:

This feeling of *love* is something I’m totally reveling in, because it’s not often that I love it here in Germany.

I try my best to, but I find that I am happier when I acknowledge to myself that I just don’t like it here all that much.

The solution is to learn German.  Speaking German is essential to living happily in Germany. But living happily in Germany is essential to being able to learn German!

My expat friends who love it here have picked up the language so well. Whereas me and my expat friends who don’t like it here are still struggling to *want to* have a conversation in German.

I’ve been living in Germany for almost 5 years now, so I can speak some German. But I don’t like to. 😕 If I mentally prepare for a situation beforehand, like going to the bank or the doctor or talking to a realtor, I can have okay-conversations. But don’t socialize with me in German, or call me on the phone with German, because I can’t do it unless I’m drunk.

And I don’t like to drink, so…!

Anyway, the point of this blog is to get me to harness this positive-energy from the good weather, to get myself to speak more German.

My goal is to speak German everyday. Even if it’s for 15 minutes.

This means speaking to not just my husband, but also my friends and coworkers. Who are all very willing, I just always put a stop to it. 😕


5 thoughts on “Using the good weather to speak German

  1. Ich glaube dass du kannst es machen. Funfzehn minuten pro tag ist nicht so lange – Ich denke dass Ich konnte dass machen, und mein Deutsch ist schrecklich!

    Ich denke dass deine Deutsch ist viel besser als du sagst – du musst nur probieren!

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    • Du kannst mehr als 15 Minuten pro Tag Deutsch sprechen, weil du Deutsch sprechen willst! Das ist mein Problem. Meistens will ich nicht sprechen, aber gestern und heute ich habe sehr viel Deutschl mit meinem Mann gesprochen.

      Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut! Dass ist wichtig, wenn du eventuell in Deutschland leben möchtest. 🙂


  2. Good luck with picking up German. I know how you feel about not being happy primarily due to not speaking the language everyone does in a new country. I highly recommend making an effort to speaking it (conversational German at least) fluently. You should have a ‘no English’ policy in your home and force yourself to speak it with your husband full-time!


  3. It is definitely intimidating to try to communicate in a non-native language. But you’ll be so much happier if you do! No doubt learning German will help you feel more connected to the people around you and the place where you live, which is sure to help with your overall enjoyment of Germany! Seems worth making the effort, so it’s great the weather is motivating you!


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