How cancer affects my career


On Tuesday, I handed in my resignation.

My notice period is 3 months, so I’ll be working until October.

It was surprisingly easy for me to quit. Especially when I realized there was no big risk for me to do it.

Even if I regretted it, I could re-apply and get back the same job – except I would ask for more money. None of this waiting around forever for [maybe] a teeny raise, which is what I was doing.

Or, I could go freelance and charge 3x my current hourly rate. This is more what I’m going for, but I’m waiting for the dust to settle before negotiating it.

There is also a chance that I won’t quit, even though I’ve already quit.

Because while I didn’t anticipate this at all, my 3 bosses are pretty distraught that I’m going through hard times, and they want to support me + don’t want me to quit.

They’re going to counter me with options to stay, that we’ll discuss next week when they’re back in the office.

It’s very nice, but it’s actually causing me some distress. Like gahhhh, I’ve already made my decision! Now I have to go back and think about it again?!?!?!!!

I was totally taking solace in the finality of it all. *sigh*

Even though I’ve made some quick decisions, it doesn’t mean it was easy to go through it. It’s been absolutely exhausting and emotionally trying.

I don’t actually want to think about career-stuff right now. That’s why I quit!

My top priority is Mr. G and our life together. I need space to do that.

We know that cancer is telling us to make massive changes in our lives. We can give ourselves a big pat on the back that we’ve gone from vegan to raw vegan, but our big sore spot is not nutrition – it’s stress and our long commutes.

So I told my bosses that I require a lot of flexibility, and that I quit because I didn’t think I could get that in my job. I said I’m moving 100km away, and that since we are trying alternative therapies, we may need to travel for it. I also said that at this moment, we don’t have the answers yet. No details. Just big general themes that we’re working on, and the details will come later.


10 thoughts on “How cancer affects my career

  1. Wow, congratulations on making the decision – the main image for your post certainly got my attention! I know your circumstances are quite different but most of us probably think sometimes about going into our jobs and saying that we quit, so when someone actually does it I can’t help but feel happy for them!

    It really does seem low risk in your case though if they are asking you to stay (or freelance) – you must have done some good work in the relatively short amount of time that you have worked there!

    I resigned once when we were moving to London. They didn’t want me to go so they asked me to take it as a career break so that I could just come straight back to the firm if/when we moved back to Australia. It was good to know that I was wanted, but I never ended up going back there anyway!

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    • May I ask you why you didn’t take the career break as an option? It seems ideal, especially right before going abroad for a year. I would have jumped at this before moving abroad, personally. 🙂

      I ask because I also have this break option now. But I likely won’t take it, because I need a mental break. It’s just more clear cut to me – no expectations from either side. And I need the mental break now!


      • I did actually take the career break, but I just never went back to that firm as we moved back to our home city when we came home from the UK. I thought about going back there, but it wasn’t right for us at the time. It turned out to be a very good decision!


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  3. Big decision! Congrats on taking the plunge. Although it’s great to hear that they want you to stay or come back so badly. Makes sense that that makes what felt like a final decision not feel FINAL, but still must feel good to know you have options. I hope leaving the job gives you lots of time together with Mr. G., to aid his healing!

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