Taking a chance on freelancing


This week I turned down all the counter offers my company gave to convince me to un-quit my job.

I also shared my future plans, which – surprise surprise – is freelancing! :mrgreen:

What a relief!

The counter offers had been hanging over me. Not because I actually wanted them, but because I know they were given to me to try to help me out. I felt personal pressure to accept the counters, because I really like the people I work with. Basically, receiving counter offers felt like quitting all over again – which wasn’t easy for me the first time around.

Since making my announcements, I’ve only received positive feedback about me freelancing!

I already have verbal confirmations from 2 groups that they want to work with me as a freelancer, and I will likely get more from another group plus another freelancer who I have yet to approach.

My boss also urges me to contact her any time if I want my old job back. 🙂

While it has been stressful to make all these changes all of a sudden, I have high hopes about everything.

Next up is finding a flat to move to near Mr. G’s office!


4 thoughts on “Taking a chance on freelancing

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