Renting is great!

A few steps from our new home.

A few steps from our new home.

We found our soon-to-be new place in Niederrhein. 🙂

Our move-in date is in mid-November, and we can’t wait!!

I said we were considering buying a house or a flat, but we didn’t find anything compelling enough. Plus I ran the numbers and also started investing again, which makes me want to not spend too much on anything.

Our new place is smaller and cheaper than what we have now, which we didn’t plan on, it just worked out that way. More importantly, the new place is in line with our FIRE and health goals.

Martin will be able to bike to work in 30 min, or take the train 8 minutes. I will either work from home, or will rent a coworking space 15 min away (walking). Long commuting will soon be a thing of the past. Excitedddd!!!

We’re dropping off our signed contracts this weekend, and are thrilled the hunt is over. :mrgreen:

Working and living in the same city together is a dream come true. We had been hoping for it for years, without wanting to change anything. Now that we’re putting in the effort to make it happen, we see that it was only hard because we made it hard.


16 thoughts on “Renting is great!

  1. It sounds like a great move. We love being a 5-10 minute drive from our jobs, and once we move to our new house that will be more like a 5-10 minute WALK from our jobs. We remember the times living in very large cities and having 40 minute commutes each way and it was no fun at all!

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    • Nice! A 5-10 minute walk to work is fantastic. You can go home for lunch if you wanted, and I imagine it’s much easier to coordinate the kiddos. 🙂

      Currently we do the 40-60 min commutes each way (40 for Martin, 60 for me). But we head to small towns/cities. It’s no fun!

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  2. Just a thought, since you plan on having a home office, make sure that the home office arrangement meets the requirements of the German tax office if you plan on claiming part of the expenses as operating costs.

    Also, collect all your receipts. Everything. Since, Mr.G is moving near work (which will reduce his travel time by 30min), you can deduct the Umzugkosten (moving costs) when filing your returns.

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  3. Not to get to worked up again, but it is mandatory for a married couple if one of you is in tax category 3 and the other is in 5 to file the returns. If you were both in category 3 then no worries.

    In any case, it is just free money waiting to be claimed back. Since you guys traveled a long way to work, this alone will suffice. There are a lot more deductions you can come up with.

    Tip: Late filing has it pros. The government pays you interest of upto 5% p.a on the refund money. Downside, if you owe money, then you pay that as interest.

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    • Haha, it’s not you, I get worked up easily. 🙂

      We’re in the same tax class, which is incorrect, so we need to fix that and file already. Our lives have been very stressful the last 5 years, so everything (finances, taxes) are in a mess. Hopefully we’ll have more time and headspace to figure things out soon.


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