Automatic DIY investing in Germany with Wertpapiersparplan


Woo hoo! I set up a Wertpapiersparplan through my comdirect Depotkonto, and have invested my last 3-months worth of pay cheques kosten handeln frei. :mrgreen:

Sorry for the Denglisch!

What I mean is that I’m investing every month now, automatically and without transaction fees!

My investment strategy changed from dividend stocks to growth stocks, because I don’t need the dividend income right now and would rather not be troubled with taxes.

I feel so relieved to have landed on a plan and to finally have it all set up. There’s not a lot of English-info out there for DIY investing in Germany, and it felt daunting to get everything up and running. But now my systems are in place it will be easier to keep at it.

This also means that I have 100% of all my euros invested in stocks. That’s my entire savings from having worked in Germany for the past 3 years. 🙂

My dear husband is not very excited about the stock market, but he looks after all of our expenses so that I can invest my entire pay. Ideally I would like him to invest in something, rather than just keeping cash. But I’m not going to pressure him (even though he thinks I’m pressuring him!), because he has to want to do it himself. I think through time, he will warm up to investing after following my journey.

It feels pretty luxurious for me to invest everything I have, and not have to care about the bills. Talk about lifestyle inflation. 😎


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