Celebrating my 5 years in Germany

Just passed my 5 year anniversary for living in Germany!

*throws confetti*

Germany has given me so much.

Firstly, Martin is German! We met in Toronto but I followed him here. 🙂

I also went to grad school in Germany (essentially for free tuition-wise), and then went on to land good jobs in Germany. Soon I’ll launch into a (hopefully) lucrative freelancing career.

I am so grateful. I know I live a very privileged life.

It’s been very up and down for me in Germany. But instead of reflecting on my bumpy ride, I’m going to just appreciate how good I have it here.

There are so many people Europe/Germany bound right now, who don’t have it as easy as I do. After reading some truly heart breaking stories, I’m going to shut up. I have nothing to complain about anymore.

Thank you Germany, for accepting me in and for giving me all this opportunity. Thank you for giving me my husband!

To another fruitful 5 years, when we plan to FIRE! :mrgreen:


10 thoughts on “Celebrating my 5 years in Germany

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