Mass exodus to Germany


I feel really sad. 😦

With all the Syrian refugees fleeing here to Europe, all the tragedy and chaos in their lives, and reading about it but feeling helpless. Not going out of my way to try to help either.

Nobody around me is talking about the war. I only hear people mention refugees in reference to themselves. Namely how it causes them inconvenience.

One colleague’s flight from London to Paris was severely delayed because of ‘migrants’ – but it’s okay because they received a voucher to fly again and will likely choose Brussels as their next destination; or how a refugee station was set up near another colleague’s old flat which now acts as their rental property – it doesn’t matter that the refugee station makes it a ‘bad area’ now, since they don’t live there anymore.

A colleague today mentioned to me and Martin that we should be aware that there may be delays in our upcoming travels, because refugees are trying to get around and causing traffic to be stopped in major tunnels/bridges around Europe.

To be honest, I don’t care if that happens. We will probably get delayed, and yes we will face inconveniences and some stress. But damnit, there are people moving about and trying to save themselves and their families. All we’re doing is going on vacation.

I’m not admonishing people for being so far removed. It’s a luxury to not know what it’s like to drop everything and run for our lives – only to get treated like criminals wherever we end up. I wish people like me – privileged people – would care more and choose their words better.

But really, what good are words when there are no actions? I’m speaking about myself now, because I know that I’m not doing anything to help. I am close enough that I could try to help. Instead I’m going on vacation.

I also feel guilty that after being here in Germany for 5 years, that I can’t really say much about it. Or I can, but I deleted all the drafts because they were sliding into negative territory. Germany is a hard place to live as an immigrant, and I don’t really click with it here. Of course it’s not that bad, it’s wonderful even. I live a life I didn’t think I would ever live. Yet I can still be so ungrateful.

So I’m going to turn this around now, and find a way to help these people. If not by me directly, then I’m going to donate to an organization that does. Because I don’t want to sit by idly, immersed in my own petty worries, when there is such tragedy surrounding me. I don’t want to be willfully blind. I want to help.


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