Welcome to our new place – with pics!

I’m posting pictures of the new flat from when it was mostly empty. I don’t dare post pictures of how we’re living in it now, with all of our belongings in disarray and our visitor (my Mom!) sleeping on a mattress on living room floor. :mrgreen:

The specs are:

  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (2 Zimmer)
  • 50 sq m (538 sq ft)
  • balcony
  • basement storage unit
  • ground floor, slightly raised (Hochparterre)

Rent: 500€ (including all utilities)

Pics are below!

Germans don’t appear to favour open concept interior design, so another hallway awaits you as you open the door. 🙂 We like that our hallway is not so narrow, and has bends which makes it visually more interesting compared to a boring long tube.


Bathroom is on the right. Yay it’s renovated! Plus it has a tub!!MAWI7778.resized

VOILA! Here is the kitchen!! Or the room that will eventually house the kitchen once we install it. (Yes this is normal in Germany.) We have since installed a modular kitchen that I will post later if I remember.


Our living room with the previous tenants’ accent wall. We don’t love it, but the alternative was to have them rip it out (as per contract) and leaving us with a wall full of glue residue. Wall paper here is not just decorative btw. It’s the actual wall plaster.


Our view into the courtyard where the doggies play! It’s also the entrance to our balcony.


Our bedroom is off of the living room and is of a decent size.MAWI7786.resized

A view from the balcony and our car + trailer on moving day. So nice living on the ground floor. It took Martin and a friend to unload the full trailer in 15 minutes, while my Mom and I received everything from the balcony.MAWI7805.resized

So that’s our place!

Some friends and family were a bit shocked that we chose this flat, because they think it’s too small or not nice enough or something.

But we love it! It’s even fancy to us because it’s in better condition than other flats we’ve lived in, and we mainly chose it for location. We’re a few steps from the downtown strip, which makes it so convenient to get things done and to shop for food.

More importantly, we’ll finally get to enjoy ourselves, instead of being in a hectic in/out everyday. For the past 5 years, our apartment has felt like a locker meant to store our things, that we just happened to sleep in too.

This is the first time that we are both living and working in the same city together. Okay technically Martin works in the next city over, but it’s only a 20 min bike ride and he loves biking.

It hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet, but this simple life feels soooooooooo good.


Optimizing our lives

Last week we moved into our new rental apartment in a town closer to Martin’s work.

Now instead of commuting for hours everyday in opposite directions, Martin is biking 20 minutes to the office and I will be working from home once I clear all this German paperwork!

Our quality of living has instantly improved.

I almost want to cry because this life is sooooo much better already!

We have a lot more time together and more energy to support our cancer-fighting lifestyle.

We will also save at least 300 EUR per month from less driving, less train usage, and lower rent!

All that will go towards our FIRE portfolio, which I’m very excited about. :mrgreen:

But even if moving increased our expenses (like if we had to move to a higher cost of living area to reduce our commutes), it would still be worth it to me. Life is just more peaceful now, and not like the candle is burning at both ends. It’s NICE!

As a side reflection, this recent move marks our 5th move in my 5 years of living in Germany. That right there is a snap shot of what it’s like to live abroad while trying to support our jobs. i.e it’s been stressful (and I didn’t even mention that we need to install and/or remove kitchens for every single move!!).

We just got internet connection at the new place this morning, so I’m planning to get back into the blogging mode soon. Maybe I will post some pictures of the mess that is our new apartment! 🙂