Humans are meant to eat meat


Yesterday I shared my thoughts about the illogical fallacy of meat consumption in human evolution.

I want to point out though, that there is strong evidence to support that humans evolved by eating carbohydrates!

If we’re talking about big brains, our brains run on glucose (a carb), not protein.

When you compare the physiology of human beings to fellow animals, this is how it looks:


We resemble herbivores over carnivores, and even omnivores.

This could be why the leading cause of human deaths are:

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • cancers,
  • diabetes,

according to the WHO.

All of which are linked to meat consumption. When we eat what we’re not meant to be eating, we end up suffering too.

It is a vicious cycle where no one benefits.

Except animal agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.


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